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Social Media For Churches

Elevate Your Church's Social Media

Transform your Social Media presence without all the headaches or costs of traditional methods. Learn more about how you can make a great first impression online.


What We Do

At Church Post, we take a full-service approach to social media because we believe that you need less on your plate not more! We handle everything from start to finish and give you the ability to review posts a week before it goes live. Need to change a post? No worries we have that covered as well.

Here's the best part, we are a nonprofit and are not looking to overcharge you. We start at just $99 a month with no commitment and options tailored specifically for your church.

  • Starts At $99
  • Pre-Scheduled Content
  • Full Service
  • No Commitment Or Contract


OUR SERVICES Everything Your Feed Needs.

From Reels to Sunday Service Welcomes we have a service for all your church page needs. Make sure your members are well-informed, and engaged, with content they would be proud to share.

Custom Sermon Reel
Week 5

"Take a constant interest in the needs of God’s beloved people and respond by helping them."


For you as ministry leaders that is your church members, but for us our heart is for you the Pastor. 



Why We Help

People think ministry jobs are easy. There Not. Demands are coming in every which way possible. We want to take something off your plate without breaking the bank. We developed a unique solution so that you can have a quality feed for a fraction of the price of the traditional route.

We know you have limited resources, time, staff & volunteers. Let us help you online so you can focus on the important things happening offline. 

  • Save Time
  • Save Money
  • Less Stress
  • Less Headaches

Pastors Love Church Post

What They Are Saying

"The People in our Church are thrilled with the posts and frequently share on their pages. Thank you for the excellent service!"

Pastor Ramon

Pastor Ramon Rojas
El Hacedor Juan Church

"Church Post was a no-brainer for us. They made it easy, simplistic, and the rest is history. Thanks guys!"

Bishop Tyrone Harrington

Bishop Tyrone Harrington
Greater Morning View Church

"This is a great blessing to me personally. We have positive responses, new people, and increased giving. Many Thanks to Church Post!"

Pastor Jim Henson

Pastor Jim Henson
Church Of Reconciliation


Posts & Counting

Years Helping Churches

Our Pricing

Build A Plan That Fits Your Needs

All Plans Include Full Service Meaning We Handle Everything For You!


Add to any of our plans to level up the quality and amount of your weekly posts.

$ 49

/ Starting Price Per Month

Ready to Transform Your Church Social Media?


Frequently Asked Questions

How Is This So Inexpensive?

We have a unique and efficient system that allows us to charge under normal market value. Plus being owned by a nonprofit we can give greater value to you.

What If I Need To Change A Scheduled Post?

We have an easy to use ticket system that tracks and request for changes to an upcoming post! Just let us know what you need and we will take care of it.

How Far In Advance Do You Schedule Posts?

You will get an email each Monday morning with your post for the following week. This means you have it a full week in advance!

Will You Use A Graphic I Provide?

Generally yes! If you have a sermon series you would like to promote or have a special event flyer we are happy to use it in place of our content.